Micturating males

There are some topics that are regular features in doorstep conversations; there are others which fleetingly popular.

The subject of men urinating in public is not a subject that is on everyone’s lips, but for some reason it has come up a number of times recently.

Now, most people get caught short, and if forced to will find an outdoor venue for relief. Most people are discreet. I have often mentioned a shortage of public toilets in the town, a real discouragement for those with bladder issues. However, the males who I have been made aware of are not older men with a weakening ability to hold water. No, it is young men who have consumed volumes of intoxicating liquor beyond the reasonable health guidelines.

I have every sympathy for those with bursting bladders, I know how uncomfortable it can be to hold on. But, there is some distance between those who are stranded some way from the nearest convenience and those whose intake exceeds sensible limits. However, the amount of liquid intake is not the real issue; rather it is the way that the inebriated clubbers solve their problem. Invariably they avoid discretion and opt for a very public display; I am told many tales of young men urinating quite openly, in full view of residents and anyone passing by.

Aside from the anti-social nature of having your property decorated with urine – and often these young men find refuge in front gardens – who wants to see urinating hordes? Those with young children are less than impressed. It is unsightly, probably illegal, and certainly offends those with community spirit.

Every nightclub and pub has toilet facilities. I urge the young men who frequent these places to avail themselves of these facilities, after all it is they who pay for them. If you find yourself in desperate need of relief and at the same time too distant from the proper place to find relief, then at least be discreet.

And being discreet does not mean using a shop doorway, public telephone box, or someone’s front door.

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One Response to Micturating males

  1. Back in the day this was – possibly unfairly if the neighbours read about it
    in the local paper or worse – purely and simply indecent exposure and I seem to remember Mick Jagger getting ‘done’ for such up against a wall of the Romford Odeon after a gig in the Sixties.

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