Yes, it’s me

At the front, in the yellow tie; me, present at Friday’s Candlelight vigil at Priory House.

Whatever your views about the cuts you cannot but be moved by the plight of those resident who fear being moved.

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2 Responses to Yes, it’s me

  1. rayandsue says:

    MOVED? Cannot fail to be. MOVED? My partner has been in this industry for many years but she Has a huge problem in that she brings her work home on many ocasions and can often be
    Found. . ‘ sobbing ‘ because of the hopelessness that surounds the care. – or lack of it. – of
    Many of our elderly folk,

    The visiting carers can often be seen rushing around. – because of their work load – and
    making 20 Minute visits ‘ whilst they are paid to do 60 minutes of work!! The Elderly are
    The losers of such. ‘ short ‘ visits,

    Sometimes, these ‘fleeting’ visits are born of shear lazy conduct by uncaring ‘ care workers !
    who just want to get finished !

    There should be a closer look at ‘ some. ‘ But not all ‘. of these care agencies ….Ray…..

  2. rayandsue says:

    Adding to the above post. By my partner, ‘ it is not always the carers. But sometimes the Agency Management who take on too much work that can not be covered!

    The more visits.! The more money generated !! So. 60 minute visits become 20 minutes!…SUE,

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