Save Priory and Delaware Residential Homes leaflet



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3 Responses to Save Priory and Delaware Residential Homes leaflet

  1. rayandsue says:

    Residential homes are essential. But they have to be suitable to their purpose!!

    My partner works in this industry and recently noticed an old lady who was becoming very depressed, My partner noted that the particular home was a quite depressing place and
    So she got her transferred into a new Care home environment and this immediately made
    This elderly lady happier! …. Rayandsue

  2. rayandsue says:

    From Sue Collins.

    Yes indeed, people who are looking to place a loved one in a care home should ‘look around’ at
    All the care homes available in the vicinity, please don’t use as your criteria ‘ the easiest one to
    Get to’
    But chose one that is most suited to the Person who is going to have to spend the rest of their lives there! SUE

  3. rayandsue says:

    There is a growing need to have MORE care homes. NOT less, The coming years are going to
    See more people living longer. But also a growing instance of those who need long term care
    In a care home environment,

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