Ever wanted to know how many betting shops there are in Southend’s town centre?

I have been asked on a couple of occasions whether I know many betting shops there are in Southend-on-Sea. Each time I have replied in the negative, and each time I have added that it feels like there are more than there used to be.

Last night I decided to do a quick survey of the High Street and the area immediately either side of it. I hope I have not missed any, the following table shows the betting shops I spotted.

Betfred London Road
Ladbrokes Southchurch Road
Paddy Power Southchurch Road
Coral Southchurch Road
William Hill High Street
Coral High Street
Betfred High Street

Now, let’s kill the hyperbole – the High Street is not overrun with betting shops. However, quite whether seven in a reasonably small area is too many is a matter of opinion. I will be monitoring the situation to see whether we get an increase in years to come.

I did spot other establishments of a, ahem, certain type. No Wonga as yet.

H & T Pawnbrokers 97 Southchurch Road
Cashconverters 42 Southchurch Road
Albemarle Bond pawnbrokers 28 Southchurch Road
Southend Discount Gold High Street
The Money Shop pawnbroker High Street
Alex John pawnbroker Weston Road
The Pawnbroker 5 Alexandra Street

There is a large question mark hanging over the High Street in regards to its future. Whether it is true or not there is a sense that it is a place falling prey to charity shops, cafes, pawnbrokers and betting shops. Whilst there are still the major brands present, my sense is that they are in retreat. Right or wrong, a High Street with increasing numbers of pawnbrokers, betting shops, and similar, looks like one in decline. There are likely many factors causing this, and whilst these may be beyond the wit of a politician to do much about, nonetheless one cannot but be concerned.

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3 Responses to Ever wanted to know how many betting shops there are in Southend’s town centre?

  1. Teresa merrison says:

    I don’t like the idea in classing charity shops in the same breath as pawnbrokers and betting shops.
    Charity shops like the Heart Foundation, and Oxfam are part of the high street, along with other shops.

    Teresa Merrison

  2. Betting shops and pawnbrokers have their place in a high street too. I do not object to shops of any type, but I do worry that they appear to be taking over in some places. I regularly visit charity shops myself – I buy most of my books and records from them.

  3. rayandsue says:

    The money spent in Charity shops, filters through to good cause in the majority of cases,
    There are sceptics who wonder how much of the donations actually reach their intended
    But, accumulatively ‘ across the whole Country, it is probably many millions each week’
    Which may not have been donated if such charity shops were not so readily accessible .

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