Hands off the foreshore: no to the lagoon

Mr Miller wants to build again on the foreshore, our foreshore. The application reference is 13/01411/BC4M

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As a general point, I am concerned about any development on the foreshore. This is a precious resource and every development nibbles away at this. That it is still largely unspoilt is a big selling point for the town, and is an immeasurable source of pleasure to thousands of residents and visitors. I believe that we owe to these people, and to the generations to come, to look after it.

A lagoon with toilet block is an unwanted intrusion on our foreshore.

This lagoon will have a detrimental impact on nearby yachting facilities. I am no yachtsman, but this is obviously a very popular pastime in the town – witness the number of boats anchored just off the foreshore. The plan shows how close the lagoon will be to a slipway, and one wonders what the lagoon will do to tidal flow in its vicinity. I have received representations from one very worried yachtsman.

There is also bound to be an environmental impact. The whole area is a site of special scientific interest.

Mr Miller has done much good for our town, but I worry that as his business empire grows our unspoilt foreshore diminishes. By leaving the foreshore untouched we keep it as a resource for everyone. By allowing businesses to monopolise chunks of it we are squeezing others out.

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5 Responses to Hands off the foreshore: no to the lagoon

  1. rayandsue says:

    Yes! We mustn’t change the status quo. Leave it to the Continentals to have beautiful lagoons
    And wonderful harbours! We’re English! So lets not even think of such things! Canvey Island
    Is our measure, lets stick to imagination! Walk along the Canvey boulevard and pretend to
    See Palm trees and little bistros with lanterns and people eating alfresco. But what ever we do
    Don’t construct such pleasant surroundings ourselves. Leave it to the Continental’s Where we
    All go to In order to enjoy our holidays!! We don’t want such lovely surroundings on
    Our doorstep do we? We’re British!! My goodness. We are all dead in the water if we
    Don’t soon shake off this stuffy attitude!!!

  2. rayandsue says:

    Last week, Raymond ( above post ). told me how lovely it is to visit Southend on Sea and enjoy it’s Simple tradition’s ! And quaintness!! And. Endless charm !!!

    Come on Raymond. Sit up! Time for your Medication!! …. SUE

  3. rayandsue says:

    True ! But I never said that a ‘ lagoon ‘ thrown in for good measure would not be a lovely
    Addition to an already lovely quaint and enjoyable part of Essex did I ? …RAY….

  4. rayandsue says:

    Julian! Come on ‘ Be honest’. Looking at the plans this could work well for Southend! Whilst
    It is indeed a quaint and lovely place to visit, it could well do with a new ‘focal point !

    Is the plan privately financed? If so. What’s the problem, it should give employment to a good
    Number of workers and cost the community nothing but pleasure!

    Could it not have a seaward entrance so that a few ‘selected yachts ‘ could lay anchor ?

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