The ongoing yellow lines campaign

102I have had some success with my campaigning to reduce the amount of yellow lines in the ward. Although this is only tinkering at the periphery of the parking issues in the ward, every little helps. If you identify any areas of yellow lines that can be reduced please email me at

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2 Responses to The ongoing yellow lines campaign

  1. rayandsue says:

    Ok this is not quite what the above article by Councillor Julian Ware- Lane is about, But it does
    Show how Yellow lines can infuriate members of the public,

    The road where I live has a yellow line with a one hour restriction, between 11am – 12 midday

    A council contractor arrived to carry out extensive work on behalf of our local Council, he needed to unload as close as possible to the work at hand. So I moved my car from its
    Parking place and put it on the yellow line which was not restricted at that time, He took
    Longer on his job than expected. And my car was ticketed during the one hour restriction .

    The Contractor signed a letter as to why my car was on the yellow line,

    The council sent me a letter ” thanking me for my public spirited action” and gave strong
    Support to my appeal to have the penalty cancelled!

    Should anyone like to guess the outcome ? Yes, you guessed right. Cancelation refused!!

    You could not make it up could you! No wonder there is Social unrest in this Country

  2. rayandsue says:

    Ticket eventually cancelled. After 30 Emails, help from an MP, etc etc etc, Why is this
    Intransigent waste of time and money allowed to exist?

    I will explain why,

    The Town Halls up and down the country. Have to find money to finance many schemes,
    They then have to generate the money from somewhere!!! Yes, you don’t need to read
    The rest of my email. YOU!!!!

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