The Crooked House: the flood line is to be re-instated

I am pleased to report that the flood line on The Crooked House is to be reinstated. I have had this email from Stockvale:

As promised, the decision has been made to have the flood line reinstated in the New Year.

I wrote about the covering up of this line here, and I am very pleased that Stockvale have come to this decision.

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7 Responses to The Crooked House: the flood line is to be re-instated

  1. rayandsue says:

    Good for you Julian! So it should be! No question!

  2. Jo Googe says:

    Julian only followed this up after pressure from Sandy Mitchell, he wasn’t much interested in it to begin with, so credit where is due please.

  3. Jo: That does not quiite tally with my recollection, but hey ho – who cares? The flood line is being reinstated.

  4. rayandsue says:

    You little rascal julian, ‘ muscling in on other people’s praise’s, what’s the World coming to!

    Hey Ho, also ‘good for you ‘Sandy Mitchell’ pity there has to be ‘ nit picking though, Give em both A pat on the back,
    Julian must be entitled to some of the praise by virtue of the issue of the flood line appearing on his web page,
    I’m Sure some people would not have known about the flood line being painted over had It not been brought up by Councillor Ware-Lane via his introduction of the fact,

  5. rayandsue says:

    May I come in on this issue please,

    having read what Councillor Ware- Lane says in this page, He does not appear to be asking for praise, which brings me to what Jo Googe says in his blog, ( above )!

    His comment appears to be driven by the Rayandsue blog, ( above) where my other half.. Raymond, Gave praise to Councillor Ware- Lane in the absence of any knowledge of the input of this matter by Sandy Mitchell.
    Praise to them both, the flood line is and should always remain a poignant reminder ,and memorial to a sad occasion,
    Between them, both Sandy Mitchell and Julian Ware Lane have achieved this, .. SUE…

  6. Paul Collins says:

    I think the question is how is to be re-instated? Do we plan to have another flood by January?

  7. rayandsue says:

    Well, according to the Bible, We may very well soon be experiencing the ‘ARMAGEDDON’
    In which case it may be a pointless exercise in reinstating the flood line just yet,
    But a Contingency plan should still be put in place incase the Armageddon plan goes ‘ tits up’


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