UKIP in retreat, or lining up for a pact?

The United Kingdom Independence Party has announced that it is to target six seats in next year’s Southend-on-Sea Borough Council elections. This looks like a retreat to me – they had promised to target all seventeen wards.

I confess to some surprise. Next year’s local elections coincide with the European Parliamentary elections and one would have thought that they would be looking to maximise their vote share in the East of England.

I wonder whether the “anti-immigration party” has a pact with the local Independent Group? It has had an accord in the past, and this might explain why are avoiding my ward amongst others.

Aside from wondering what relevance an anti-EU and anti-immigration party has for the Borough Council (which has no say on these national issues) I also wonder whether the Independent Group now subscribes to the Right-wing agenda espoused by their Euro-sceptic chums.

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5 Responses to UKIP in retreat, or lining up for a pact?

  1. I sometimes think I’d be quite happy if UKIP were to withdraw from the EU.

    If they could withdraw all the way to Antarctica, that’d be just great.

  2. The Independent Group dislikes be compared to proper parties, yet having pacts is further proof that they are a party in all but name.

  3. They seem remarkably similar to UKIP, actually. An undoubtable political party, but lacking the discipline, message coherence or common sense (in the loosest sense) of one of the main three.

    Both UKIP and the Independent Party’s sole political differentiation is “we’re not those bastards”. Which is nice for a protest vote, but wait until one or other gets some actual power…

  4. rayandsue says:

    UKIP does not have to have much political success to create serious damage! It can – and probably will – become a party of manipulation, and produce surprises that may upset the proverbial threesome’s ‘cosy little apple cart ‘

    As for the Conservatives, They are heading to become a. ‘ busted flush’. Their policies look and sound good on the table until people realise that they have little chance ‘ or genuine enthusiasm’ of implimenting many of them, much it it is nothing more than ‘ waffle’
    They had their window’s of opportunity but have failed to give anything other than impossible promises towards the music voters will want to hear,

    Labour – Socialist Labour – have the best hymn sheet’s to sing from, But, They too, will lose their window’s of opportunity if they fail to produce results, The results needed however, will have many stalwarts looking on in horror,

    Don’t dismiss the potential for unexpected surprises from UKIP. whether you like them or not, They also have a song to sing that will be a ‘ wonderful melody’ to the ears of 76% of the population,

  5. rayandsue says:

    Julian, Why have you abrieviated the fact that UKIP is an ” anti Immigration party” in your post?

    Everyone must know this by now and three quarters of the population seem to be in “accord” with what UKIP are saying,
    The other quarter of the population ‘who aren’t in accord’ are mostly Immigrants who would not
    Be inclined to agree with anything UKIP has to say!
    Therefore my estimation of three quarters of the population listening intently at what UKIP has to say. Is probably an under estimation of the true enthusiasm enjoyed by UKIP,
    As for your point, that the UKIP party may be deliberately avoiding your ward in some sort of pact with a local independent group, You may be right, or maybe UKIP see your ward as a ” basket case” or maybe they realise that Councillor Julian Ware-Lane is not be be messed with!?

    Either way. Like it or not, The rate of immigration and resultant birth rate dictates that it will not Be ‘too long’ before their numbers in our Society will be able to ” vote in ” who they please, and therefore be in a position to make ‘ law’ to suit their own desires! Have you read what those desires may be Julian? You should!

    When We reach that point, I would like to be a ‘ fly on the wall ‘ to listen to the clever clogs of today who think that this weight of Immigration is. ” fine and dandy “.

    However, this said and done, I genuinely believe that you are the best Labour Councillor and that Labour ( if they change their rigid stance on certain matters) is the best way to go!

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