Warrior Square Kiosk closed again

A press release:

Cheryl Nevin outside the kiosk

Cheryl Nevin outside the kiosk

The £623,875 folly that is the Warrior Square kiosk is closed again. This vanity project, it will be recalled has spent the vast majority of its miserable existence closed.

There are signs that state:

Customer Notice
Warrior Square Kiosk
is closed temporarily.
Thank you for your custom.
We apologise if this
temporary closure cause
you any inconvenience.

This notice carries the Borough Council logo. There is also a boarded up window, a window that has been broken for at least six months.

Labour candidate for Milton in next year’s local elections is Cheryl Nevin: “To say I am unhappy at this situation is an under-statement. Not only is this kiosk a monumental waste of money, it adds insult to injury to see it closed.”

Councillor Julian Ware-Lane unearthed the figures relating to the cost of this kiosk earlier this year. “I highlighted the waste of public money, and embarrassed the council into finding a tenant. The peppercorn rent was clearly still not low enough to make this a viable concern. This whole thing stinks of incompetence and profligacy.”

Cheryl added: “Whilst we cannot unspend the money we should at least see this facility in use. An apology from the ruling Conservative administration that allowed our money to be wasted would not go amiss either.”

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3 Responses to Warrior Square Kiosk closed again

  1. jayman says:

    It strikes me as being odd that the council do not find an alternative use for this kiosk. it could be used as a place for displaying art by local artists or could be used to hold community group meetings, the council should strip out the kitchen equipment and use the space for anything other then an empty shell.

  2. Irene says:


    May i also add to this item, the cafe located in the travel centre has also been closed for some time


  3. rayandsue says:

    No good me replying, it’ll get deleted! A bit of light hearted banter never hurt anyone Julian. You weren’t that guy in the Penny ‘ laughing sailor ‘ cabinet were you ?

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