Bash, bash, bash the poor

When living standards consistently drop, as they have for every month bar one since Cameron got the keys to number ten, the squeezed middle will get upset. And those struggling to maintain their lifestyles will not enjoy being told that there are feckless hordes enjoying recumbent leisure with little physical outlay.

The Tories enjoy giving a good old-fashioned kicking to the poor; they must do, they readily revert to this at the slightest provocation. The welfare budget that has grown since 2010 is somehow the fault of those in receipt of state aid, and they must be brought to book. We are seriously told that there are many instances of people being given houses, cars, money, widescreen TVs, whilst giving nothing back in return. If it is not the poor, then it is immigrants – and woe betide anyone who is both poor and an immigrant.

Punish the poor and hey presto, the rest of us can breathe easy. Yet, we all know that this is window-dressing, that whatever regime is brought in will only uncover a handful of the wilfully feckless and low-down benefits cheats.

Of course, it is repulsive to see cheating, but I find it equally so to see millionaires given tax-cuts, and to see industrial-scale tax avoidance. Bugger-all is being done to address the ever-widening gap between rich and poor.

Welfare should be a safety net and not a lifestyle choice. My experience tells me that those who opt for the latter are a tiny minority and that instead of encouraging a state of suspicion and benefit-vigilantism the Government should be creating jobs and supporting education. Bashing those on welfare may generate great headlines but it does nothing for social cohesion, and hides the truth about the huge disparities between the wealthy and the rest of us.

3 Responses to Bash, bash, bash the poor

  1. rayandsue says:

    Bash, Bash, Bash the poor! Is nothing new, It’s been going on for centuries, The welfare state
    was intended to get rid of the worst examples of deprivation,

    The poor needed protection from the greed and selfish attitude of the wealthy,
    The wealthy had no inclination to change this situation on its own accord, in fact it was getting worse each passing year,
    So Labour come into being and took up the mantle on behalf of those in our society who had been driven to destitution by a Care-Less powerful rich elite !
    The welfare state was born, and a derivative of the welfare state was ‘assistance with imperative needs’. Today we call them ‘ Benefits’
    The Conservatives want to dilute this lifeline to the poor. By changing the ‘workings’ of the Benefit System so that the unemployed have to work for this meagre assistance,

    In so doing , it simply show’s many people that ‘nothing has changed’ Time has vertualy stood still!
    The reason there are so many people languishing on Benefits is because our Population has numerically ‘ exploded’
    ( I am sure there are many who will be muttering under their breaths as to one of the major reasons for this ).
    however, A conglomeration of past Governments have done little in the way of perceiving ‘the needs’. of such a growing population,
    and in their wisdom found a need to add to the growing numbers by introducing 300,000 newcomers to our ‘bulk’ each year from all corners of the world!
    To now blame the unemployed by making them work for their benefits ‘is a bit RICH’ please excuse the pun,…… RayandSue.

  2. Tim Childs says:

    There is no answer to it really, because the people who cause the problems through their greed, selfishness, me centred world and accumulation of wealth at all and any costs, including the ruthless exploitation of other people and the death of their own conscience in doing so, are not going to listen to reason or intelligent rhetoric or any kind of passionate stance against what they are doing. When I write diatribes against injustice, poverty, the class system and many other things not necessarily related to politics I just try to be honest, nor more or less. We live in a cruel world, and some people in their quest to make their own lives better will do anything to do that, regardless of the cost to other people, the planet or anything else. Other people choose not to dismiss other people or use other people to get where they want. It is that that all decent people must hold on to. In the end, we can only be responsible for what we do and we will be held accountable for our own actions. I can’t do a great deal other than point out the injustices like you do, but I do something by not adding to the misery and chaos and unfairness of the world. And that’s a start in the right direction we should all think about.

  3. rayandsue says:

    Tim Childs ( above) is quite right,
    The sort of wealth I am talking about Is not the sort that makes a family ‘comfortably off’
    It’s more to do with the ‘excessive wealth’ that becomes a Cancer within those who are stricken with the ‘impediment!

    A human’s life has gone in just the blink of an eye” and its all over, So why this mad rush to accumulate hundreds of Millions ?

    I am not a football fanatic and so I know someone will shout me down, But can someone explain to me how some footballers earn £240,000 a week just for kicking a piece of leather around each week. Is that not excessive?..
    Some even feel that , even that, ‘is NOT enough’. £240,000 a week. Not enough? It’s crazy , there are people who cannot turn their lights or heating on in winter and get £ 98 a week to live on..If this dreadful greed can be curtailed by Socialism. Then bring it on! …. Rayandsue

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