Another rift in Westborough, another let down for residents

It seems we have another spat in a residents association in Westborough ward. It is almost comical, but it is also rather sad. A few years ago we had RAW – the Residents Association of Westborough. There were squabbles within this organisation (I am taking no sides here) and the WCA (Westborough Community Association) was formed. RAW eventually became RAW 2012.

Anyway, there has now been a disagreement in WCA which has led the person in charge of their website taking it down. Without passing any judgement on the rights and wrongs in this dispute I am surprised that the website does not belong to the organisation rather than to one individual.

It does appear that the fragile egos of those trusted with running residents groups in this ward are undermining any good work they may be undertaking. No wonder these groups are finding fewer supporters nowadays – they are making themselves irrelevant. I have been involved in running enough bodies to understand that disagreements do happen; successful organisations are those that get over these internal disagreements.

If you go to you will find this:

Westborough Community Association

Due to unforeseen circumstances the WCA web site is off line for the foreseeable future so are the email addresses
The next meeting is Wednesday 18th September at the Royal British Legion, Northview Drive, Westcliff, at 7PM for 7-30 to 9PM
Chairman David Webb can be contacted at
Dave Batter can be contacted at

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13 Responses to Another rift in Westborough, another let down for residents

  1. Irene says:

    I am not surprized this has happened, since wca started 6 committee members has stepped down or resigned, 5 at the agm in march 2013, two of westborough ward councillors are running the group with the aid of certain committee members. You had to be their at the agm in march, you would not belief what you saw, it was a disgrace, the voting precedures in my and others could be seen as being rigged by some of the old committee with the help of two ward councillors, Alan walked out of the meeting in utter discussed, four people withdrew their nomination for committee because of this, I am still a member because Alan wants me to be one, but I have only attended last meeting, I want no part in councillors of whatever party interfiering in residents/community groups
    for their own political gain and using the group in this manner. Irene

  2. David Glover. Secretary RAW 2012. says:

    A prime example of the Peter Principle.

    In 2011 we were forced upon legal advice to discipline, suspend and expel eight RAW members.

    Said eight individuals were given ample opportunity by due process to avoid expulsion.

    The three Westborough Ward Councilors chose to ignore our legal advice and supported said eight individuals by creating and installing them into Westborough Community Association (WCA).

    Said eight Individuals have not moderated their unacceptable behaviour and as a result have been penalised.

    Said eight individuals have been removed from committee positions at WCA in two palace coups without due process.

    WCA officers may be liable for their amateurish behaviour.

    The three Westborough Ward Councilors were warned and must accept full responsibility for their actions and those of said eight individuals.

    Our intelligence gathering is impeccable.

    RAW aka RAW 2012 is run independently of Ward Councillors and has a 100% zero tolerance policy towards bullying, corruption, racism, partisan and unlawful behaviour.

  3. Irene says:

    Wrong there have and never have been eight expelled raw members in the entire time that wca have been running. at the very first meeting people were elected by people at the meeting to form steering commitee until we got a constitution and got membership which we did, the three ward councilors did not have or took part in this process.

  4. David Glover. Secretary RAW 2012. says:

    With reference to the previous comments which are written in ignorance of the true facts.

    The eight RAW members were expelled in 2011.
    Said eight individuals were set up as WCA in 2012.

    See RAW 2012 website at

    On 06/02/12 Cllr. Collins wrote “we now intend to facilitate the forming of a completely new residents association”.

    On 06/02/12 Cllr. Collins wrote “We have booked the hall of Hildaville Spiritualist Church, corner Hildaville Drive and Westborough Road”.

    On 25/02/12 Cllr. Collins wrote “I have great pleasure in annoucing the birth of the Westborough Community Assocation. The Ward Councillors invited all resdients to a meeting on Friday 24th February”.

    Around mid 2012 Cllr. Velmurugan said (witnessed) “The three Ward Councillors jointly paid for the WCA publicity setup costs of leafleting the entire Ward (comprising around 5000 households and premises).

    Therefore we must reiterate;

    The three Westborough Ward Councilors chose to ignore our legal advice and supported said eight individuals by creating and installing them into Westborough Community Association (WCA).

    RAW aka RAW 2012 is run independently of Ward Councillors and has a 100% zero tolerance policy towards bullying, corruption, racism, partisan and unlawful behaviour.

  5. Irene says:

    anyone can see the minutes of these wca meetings, there have at no time been eight raw members that was expelled. the first wca committee consisted of nine people, Julie farrow, Peter zanchi, Stephen Jorden,Tanya Payton, Rosemary Apple, Irene Grubb, Michelle Grubb, Syliva Sookias and Dave Batter. Four of the committee has not been a member of raw or heard of raw, so how does this make eight expelled ex raw members. one thing for sure wca hold 10 public meetings a year and goes out into the community to help better the place we live in and campaigns to keep what services we have eg libaries, for this I am proud that Westborough as got a community association, wca will be around for along time hopefully,.

  6. Irene says:

    The new wca committee consists of David Webb, Peter Zanchi, Peter Hill, Julie Farrow, Michalla Simms, Stephen Jorden, these have never been members of raw, David Webb attended raw meetings now and again. get your facts straight. You have never atended wca meetings, so i am not ignorant, so has you have got your facts wrong therefor you must be ignorant of the facts. does raw2012 hold public meetings no, does raw2012 go out into the community no does raw2012 campaign to help better the place we live in and to keep our vital services no.

  7. dave batter says:

    I ran the WCA website for WCA, the name is registered to WCA.
    WCA had every opportunity to avoid my resignation, all I wanted from WCA was democracy.
    Decisions were made without committee approval or if they were I was not invited to participate in the discussion or vote.
    Cllr Collins was told in advance of my upcoming resignation if democracy was not seen to be done, this is a quote from my email to him
    [Had this been discussed correctly I would have put my view forward, there would have been a vote and I may have been a minority of one. Fair enough that is what democracy is all about. If the democratic vote had not gone my way I would have democratically supported the idea, but it was no done democratically it was an ambush.]
    All emails from me on this matter will be made available to anyone with a valid reason to see them

  8. dave batter says:

    As an update on the WCA website for several months now one of the committee members has been suggesting a professional website author be brought in to do the site properly.
    With a bit of luck WCA should be back on line soon. I donated some of my web space to WCA free of charge as was my 5-10 hours a week keeping it up to date.
    WCA have not approached me yet to transfer the registration details to the new host, I do not know why.

  9. Irene says:

    Dave at least you care about Westborough like My family does. At least we are still members of wca Alan, Irene and yourself, Alan and I will still join and surport wca next year like I feel you will because you care passionally about Westborough. hopefully all the bad bits about wca will cease eg arguments between committee members and go forward and get strong and successful, this what I hope for wca, but the ward councillors need to take a step back, and only be their to surport wca when asked by membership and committee. good-luck wca, keep your good work up.
    Dave I hope we can still be friends.

  10. David Glover. Secretary RAW 2012. says:

    Reference Irene.

    We refute your comments as they are made in ignorance of the true facts. Said comments employ little understanding of the operations of a modern resident’s association which is understandable as you are only a member of a community group.

    We acknowledge your comments about interference by Ward Councillors which confirms their proprietary attitude towards WCA and its use as a publicity vehicle for said individuals.

    RAW aka RAW 2012 pre existed WCA as a true residents association and continues to operate independently of maverick Ward Councillors.

    At least seven of the eight expelled RAW members have been on WCA committees (source WCA website).

    We are extremely well informed by various sources as to what occurs within WCA.

    Therefore we must reiterate;

    Our intelligence gathering is impeccable.

    RAW 2012 works in a very effective manner by resolving problems at source level by applying direct pressure.

    RAW 2012 business and meetings are privy to our guests and members for legal reasons and in order to avoid disruption; eg; in May 2011 a RAW general meeting was ruined by a very aggressive inebriate.

    RAW aka RAW 2012 is run independently of Ward Councillors and has a 100% zero tolerance policy towards bullying, corruption, racism, partisan and unlawful behaviour.

  11. Brenda Smith. Chairman. RAW 2012. says:

    Reference Irene.

    Recent history repeats itself.

    What a surprise!

  12. jayman says:

    this is an odd situation. I live in Westborough ward and I was not aware of RAW 2012 or WCA.

    My take on it is that RAW 2012 seem to be a bit Tory friendly an apart from a bit of ally clearance they don’t seem to have posted much activity on the RAW website. They report that they engage in some local government lobbying but this is vague to say the least.

    WCA seen to be a bit lost. They have no operational website. it has been reported (and disputed) that they have tie-ins with westborough independent councillors.

    Lets face facts. westborough receives massively low levels of SBC support. investment is low. crime is high the only school that serves the ward is shockingly bad (the only academy primary school in Southend at present) Its a slum landlords paradise.

    The local administration seem to be leaving westborough to its own devices. If anyone claims to represent anything whether it be a residents association or a councillor they better be damn sure they have the necessary ego control and diplomatic skills to deliver.

    Noble intentions also form a cornerstone of civic duty.. With this in mind, only represent the masses if you can adequately represent yourself alone.

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