Don’t vote Tory and then complain about a lack of police

Picking the dumbest Conservative policy since Dave seduced Nick into giving him the keys to Number Ten is a tough call, if only for the sheer range of choices available. Almost every utterance from Michael Gove, for instance, would stand a good chance.

Conservative weakness on law and order is one thing that grates with many that I speak to. Ken Clarke’s attempts at prison reform foundered at the outset, but the division within blue ranks over the treatment of prisoners is not their biggest failing.

Almost no-one I speak to wants to see less police on the beat, yet we witness yet another Tory government cutting police numbers. Whilst Southend is generally a safe town, people do want to see a visible police presence, and despite the best endeavours our overworked police cannot be everywhere.

The cutting of police numbers is set against the waste of money that was the Police and Crime Commissioners election. The Essex PCC was elected by only one in thirty-five voters in Southend, and if nothing else speaks volumes for the contempt Southenders had for the process this certainly does. I think most would rather an extra bobby on the beat than see Essex’s police politicised.

The police in Southend are working hard to keep Southenders safe, they could do a better job if their jobs were not threatened, if police front desks were not closed, and if they did not have to resort to marching in protest against their treatment from this government.

Part of my role as a councillor is to act as an intermediary on occasion between residents and police, and I pass on their concerns and wishes for more patrols, etc. I would find this a lot easier if the government showed less commitment to useless and unwanted bureaucratic exercises and gave the public what they wanted.

One Response to Don’t vote Tory and then complain about a lack of police

  1. rayandsue says:

    Surely, What we really want is not less Police, But less crime, Social deprivation encourages crime and therefore should be a priority, The problem is, Labour Councils are like a ‘ Magnet’ for both, It’s the. ‘ catch 22 ‘ problem that chases Labour all across the land! No deprivation , No Labour,
    Of course, The reason for this is well known, Labour fights hardest for the underdog, It’s very origin come about by doing just that, It’s heart may be in the right place, but it is sometimes saddled with the fact that inspite of all the problems this Country is experiencing, we are becoming more able to cope, Which works against the principals that generates Labour votes, worse still is the fact that ‘ people’ generally don’t like to be seen as needy, and so at the first chance, they jump on the Tory bandwagon

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