Another chapter in the Westborough soap opera

Cllr Dr Marimuthu Velmurugan has given me permission to reproduce the following email. This was addressed to a Council officer and copied to all councillors. It follows the public and acrimonious split between the two founders of the Independent Group.

Thank you for answering an irrelevant question to the welfare of the ward concerned from a resident which Cllr Terry The Independent party (all but name}group leader ,and the Opposition Leader of the council( which is Very Official and I accept ) did not answer and passed it on to you. . That is very clever diplomatic politics from some one who needs to face an election in 2014 if I am correct .. please spend the festival period holiday which you have earned ,with your family and friends, the very fact the SBC is the council of the year is itself answers all questions at the very top as these mentioned 4 projects only got this coveted award to this council
Time is cheap for many but money is not cheap, TIME IS MONEY. Money is Time and is very useful also at hard times.
Now I have time in my hand to take on anybody
Kind regards,
The NON-Dependant councillor, SOUTHEND ON SEA Borough COUNCIL, The council of the year 2012
P S I delete 90% of my Emails, I select them at leisure..

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One Response to Another chapter in the Westborough soap opera

  1. John Haran says:

    Why must ‘Council Speak’ be deliberately designed to confuse?

    There must be another full-page ad on the way to clear things up.

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