Dr Vel, I didn’t know you could get down like that

Cllr Dr Marimuthu Velmurugan has become the second Southend councillor to leave his group within the last few months. The Southend Echo reports that he has resigned from the Independent Group – in itself a logical contradiction.

Cllr Ric Morgan split from the Liberal Democrats in July, joining the Liberal Party and the Independent Group. This made the Independent Group the second largest in the council chamber, taking them to eleven councillors. Now that Dr Vel has resigned they are back to ten.

Every change in group size has a consequential impact on committee membership and so I expect another round of adjustments as a consequence. (I confess to being a little unsure of my facts here, and so it is possible that Dr Vel may still contribute to the Independent Group’s quota a per pro committees.)

The Independent Group is a contradictory body, denying it is a party yet acting very much like one. Dr Vel’s resignation will add to the body of evidence that suggests this Group is everything that it pretends not to be. As Jack Monroe has written, they give every impression of having mastered the art of looking both ways as regards being a party opposed to ‘party politics’.

It will be interesting to see whether in 2016 Dr Vel decides to seek re-election, and whether the Independent Group put up against him. In the meantime Westborough ward is now represented by councillors from three separate groupings. The fullness of time may see Cllr Velmurugan adopt new colours – his adoration for the Conservative council leader may yet see him say “I do” to any marriage proposal that sees him united with those whose views he so clearly shares. This would see the council chamber wrested back from NOC to CON majority.

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One Response to Dr Vel, I didn’t know you could get down like that

  1. Alan J Grubb says:

    Alan usually disagree with you Julian, but this time Alan says you got this right, what a good blog, this Is Alan views, but I share them. What Is In store for the residents of Westbrough If he goes Conservative which he could do, Did the people that voted for him want this no. Have a good christmas your family and you.
    Your friend and comrade Irene.

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