Val visits Southend

Cllr Anne Jones, Val Morris-Cook, Cllr Julian Ware-Lane, Gray Sergeant – High Street, Southend-on-Sea

Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Essex was out campaigning in Southend-on-Sea yesterday, and I was able catch her for a quick chat about crime and anti-social behaviour in Milton.

Val Morris-Cook spoke warmly about the SOS bus and the street pastors, and was sympathetic to my concerns about the density of drinking establishments in the town centre.

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One Response to Val visits Southend

  1. Colin says:

    May a put in a pennyworth on this. Since we are stuck a Commissioner
    do we want one with a armed services authoritarian background or one
    with a civilian democratic ethos. This new post coupled with party
    orientated cabinets running local governments I find somewhat
    alarming. In spite of all the cosmetic consultations democracy is on
    the wane, and the Conservative attitude to their fellow creatures is
    becoming increasingly clear.

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