The Conservative minded Westborough independent

I am not sure I saw ‘Conservative minded’ on any of Dr Velmurugan’s election literature, but I am grateful to him for being open about it now.

I know Westborough ward, the one that Dr Vel represents, very well – it is where I was born and raised. I know that the Conservative Party does not go down well here. It is usually their worst ward.

This year, for instance, it was one of only two where the Tories did not win or come second (third here and in St Luke’s). The Tories were second in Westborough in 2010, but that was against the backdrop of a General Election.

Here is the Conservative performance in Westborough ward in recent years:

1996 3rd out of 3
1997 7th, 8th, and 9th out of 9
1999 3rd out of 3
2000 2nd out of 3
2001 7th, 8th, and 9th out of 9
2002 4th out of 5
2003 4th out of 6
2004 3rd out of 4
2006 4th out of 4
2007 2nd out of 4
2008 2nd out of 6
2010 2nd out of 7
2011 3rd out of 5
2012 3rd out of 6

It is a brave move by Dr Vel to so clearly nail his colours to the mast. I hope he enjoys his retirement come 2016.

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3 Responses to The Conservative minded Westborough independent

  1. GraySergeant says:

    I can’t believe that this was an entire A4 page colour advert in the Southend Standard, I’ve just had it delivered through my door (In Shoebury!), clearly somebody has plenty of money to throw about.

    On other point, what are these ‘Labour Lies’
    – Kevin was the local candidate unlike Vel who lives in Thorpe (proved by his own admission by publishing his address on the bottom of the page)
    – Or perhaps us mentioning that Vel is a supporter of the Tories (Not only proved by him refusing to vote for Woodley and various comments about Holdcroft not putting a foot out of line, but on the actual leaflet ‘conservative minded community activist’.

    Seriously this guy is a joke, I bet a few of the Indies wish Kevin had won now.

  2. Rob Brown says:

    Absolutely Gray. Ill bet you anything Martin Terry wanted Kevin to win.

  3. Neil Monnery says:

    To be fair Dr Vel has several addresses. Not sure which one he actually lives at but even as a Westborough candidate I think Kevin out of the two of them would have represented the ward far better.

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