Scrap plans to grant the royals exemption from scrutiny

I am a believer in democracy, and I often state that this takes precedence over my socialism. My view is that whilst we live in a democracy, it is far from perfect. I am a member of the Electoral Reform Society and am an advocate for a change in the way we vote.

I also think the set-up of our democracy is long overdue an overhaul. Our unelected second chamber strikes me as medieval in its make-up and certainly has little, if any, mandate.

Our head of state is a trickier subject. They are not voted in, and so by definition are anti-democratic. Yet, certainly The Queen is hugely popular and any referendum on her fate would undoubtedly endorse her. However, the Queen and her family should be made accountable, and I do not see much objection to this. Thus, the Times article (Republic group urges transparency over Prince Charles’s lobbying) is apposite; I agree with Republic’s stance that the Prince of Wales’ lobbying is something that should be exposed to scrutiny by those whose taxes support him (i.e. all of us ‘subjects’).

I do support an end to secret royal lobbying.

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2 Responses to Scrap plans to grant the royals exemption from scrutiny

  1. Robert Brown says:

    There is an easy solution, just ged rid of them. We dont need them. If they do not have any power, as many monarchists argue, then they are merely an immenses waste of money and only symbolise a history I think most of us would rather forget. If, as others argue, a head of state provides an invaluable scrutiny on an excessively powerfull government then it is disgustingly undemocratic, as well as expensive and symbollic.Either way we dont need them.

  2. IM4 says:

    Yes we do need them! Having said that, I largely agree with Julian’s original post.

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